Monday, January 26, 2009

Recent Photos

I've been really interested in portrait photography at the moment. I love the way some photographers can take a photo of a person and transform it into a work of art. I would love to take more photos of people but I feel very nervous asking people if I can take photos of them. On that note, I absolutely love this picture of Hilary Swank.

The strength and power inherent in this shot is excellent. I wish my stuff was that good. This is the closest I have got to a good portrait recently:

I was reading a book on portrait photography recently which suggested that one good tip for people wanting to take more people photos was to go up to people and tell them that you were a student in a local photography class and could you please take some photos of them for your portfolio. The same book also suggested sending people a free print of the photo you took so they get something material out of helping you.

Anyone got any other hints for how to combat portrait shyness?

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