Thursday, May 7, 2009

International Garden Photographer of the Year

The winners were just announced for the above competition, and while I am a bit sad still that I didn't get anywhere (I was so sure that at least one of my photos would make the highly commended list!) I can rest happily knowing that nothing I made would have competed with the image that actually won the competition. It was this spectacular black and white fairy-tale-esque garden view. The image really holds your eye.

They are holding their next competition soon and I totally plan to enter. I keep having all these ideas for how I can do better this time :-) The categories I'm thinking of entering are Trees, Wildlife in the Garden, Plant Portraits and People in the Garden. I like the idea of the Edible Garden category but I just can't think of what I would photograph that hasn't been done to death.

If you'd like to enter too, the address to go check them out is

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wednesday Heart - The Eye

Occasionally you come across a photographer who imbues everything they do with such style and panache that even their photos of the most mundane items make you go Wow! The Eye is one such photographer.

This photo for example has such a simple object, and yet manages to convey an almost film-noir sense of style, beauty and depth.

As I think I've mentioned before, I love photographers who can so easily straddle multiple styles. The Eye is another one of those people who make it look like it's easy. The creativity and technical skill that went into this are great, and I love how it's just sitting there amidst the butterflies and flowers like it was cleverly camouflaged and just waiting for lunchtime :-)

I've always had a penchant for pictures that tell a story. It's something I've been playing with a bit in my own work. This one, A Valentine Story, I love for the concept:

I'm not sure I'm so keen on the technical execution. The third image with the flames seems to be a little muted for what it is symbolising (love being devoured by flames) and I think the image would be stronger with simply the first and the last picture. But I absolutely love the concept and I think the multi-panel layout is a great idea. There should be more of this kind of experimental print making in the photographic community, not just landscapes and kittens.

Honestly, I could go on about this girl's work all day. I'll just simply say you should go here: The Eye! to check out the rest of the images. I <3 you The Eye!