Friday, November 6, 2009

PSPX2 Photo Editing How To and Competition!

Paint Shop Pro X2 has some very simple to use tools that can really enhance your photos and even change the entire feel of them. I think a lot of people try and stick to the simple stuff purely because they don't know what some of the other buttons do. A couple of my favourites are found in the makeover tools. They can be incredibly handy.

Another under-utilised tool can be found under Adjust - Brightness and Contrast - Clarify. Clarify, according to the Corel help section, is "to enhance depth and clarity". Basically what it seems to do is both brighten and sharpen the image simultaneously. Not much is needed and a very low setting (even 1.3 or 1.7) can provide a very satisfying result. The advantage of using this setting seems to be that you don't get the over-pixelisation you can get with the sharpen tool. I would still recommend using the Brightness and Contrast tool after this, just to make sure your image is exactly how you want it.


My dear friend has let me take photos of her for my portrait portfolio. Beneath are two images, one as shot and one enhanced. Pick out one of the differences between the two images, throw it in a comment and you're in the draw to win an 8 x 12 inch print of your choice from my store! Looking at the bigger images will definitely give you an advantage in finding things others won't.

Happy hunting and I look forward to picking a winner just before the Sneak Attack on Tuesday, US Time.


laruefashions said...

The lady's shorts have a different colored stripe on each photo. One has a blue stripe and the other has a red stripe.

Arkem said...

The mirror/fan on the left side of the picture isn't present in the second photo. Does that count?

Julia B said...

Arkem, yes definitely :-) Cropping counts. :-)

Elephunk said...

The scar or booboo on the lady's leg is gone

Julia B said...

And LaRue is the winner thanks to the random number generator! Grats LaRue!