Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wednesday Heart - No Stone Turned Photography

I have a big problem with the cold. I shiver in Autumn and hibernate in Winter. Strangely, I also love snow! I love to look at snow while I'm sunbathing next to the pool, mostly :-) Another person who loves the snow is the American nature photographer, mother and teacher behind No Stone Turned Photography.

Still a relative newcomer to the wonderful world that is Etsy, No Stone Turned has some really stunning images and I love how each one has information that gives you insight into the environment it comes from. For example, this shot:

The image itself is beautiful and the soft pastel tones convey a sense of peace and awakening with the early dawn. But at 10am!! And -20 degrees celcius! I don't think I could do it, and it just adds an extra dimension for me to the ice crystals hanging on the twisting reeds.

This next shot I think is simply fantastic. I love the composition and the way it engenders a sense of duty, iron-will and freezing cold!

To me the image itself tells a story, and the way that that is fleshed out in the item description is really well done. If there was one thing that I would change about that image, it's the traffic lights in the bottom right-hand corner. I find them distracting but I can't think of a simple way that could be fixed. I think cropping the image would damage the compositional value, either done horizontally or vertically. But can you imagine being that guy? I run for the house going from the car to the loungeroom. This is one of those iconic images that will stick with me as representing exactly how dedicated people can be.

My final pick for today is I think the best of the lot.

This is technically really good. The interplay of light and shadow is wonderful and the composition is envocative of a timeless sense of peace and possibility. I love it.

No Stone Turned, you have my Wednesday Heart!


Almay Alday said...

I'm not a big fan of snow even though I grew up in the midwest but after seeing those photos, I think I've changed my mind! Those are gorgeous!

esque said...

Lovely shop!
This will be the coldest winter for me in years (moved from Cali to Switzerland), but I love fall!


Rhena said...

Beautiful! These pics made me both dread and long for winter. I hate the cold, but I love the light in the late afternoon during those months.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. Icy.
These make me want winter to come!

marquisphotography said...

Thanks for featuring me! That was THE best trip for photographs- not so much for activity outside! The kids were stuck inside the whole two weeks, but I would venture out for an hour or so to take pictures and got my grandma (who bought me my first camera) to take me out at the crack of dawn (10am!).

Julia B said...

I think the results were well worth the trip :-)

RhiannonSTR said...

Very pretty photos - but ugh winter :(
Daily Paint Journal

Simply Baby Cakes said...

Beautiful!!! I so love the snow...ah...makes me hungry for the cold (: