Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wednesday Heart - Imagine Studio

The other day I mentioned briefly the concept of images that were in the public domain. As a funny coincidence the person who jumped to my attention as today's Wednesday Heart uses public domain images to create awesome photo fusion collages. I absolutely adore this type of digital art and Imagine Studio practices this artform to an extremely high level.

You all know what a big fan I am of fractals and photographic patterns, so it was a pretty sure bet that I was going to love this wonderful picture of a naked woman with a swirling blue pattern covering her body:

I love the romantic feel that hearkens back to the legends of Arthur and the poetry of the early Regency period. The blue circles echo down to the water beneath her form and it gives the whole piece a dream like resonance.

A common theme through most of the images created by Imagine Studio is that they focus a lot on women and have overtones of celebration and sexuality. This next print is a very clear illustration of the theme:

The sensuality comes through in the full lips and the darkened eyes, the mystery in the veil of shining colours across her face. The curves of hue beneath the eyes and upwards from the corners of the eyes enhance the feeling of a veil and give the image an exotic feel. I love this picture.

The exotic and the foreign is another theme that carries across the body of work. This picture is stunningly beautiful and evokes a Japanese feel:

It also reminds me of the work of some of the more fantastic body painters around. I'll do a completely separate post on them. Suffice it to say that the technical photo editing skills that have gone into this image are really very, very good.

Browsing through the work of Imagine Studio is like wafting through a dream that is both bold and sensual. That is why she has my Wednesday Heart.


Christie Cottage said...

These are absolutely amazing!

The last photograph is exquisite!

Thanks for posting on my "Blog Jog" thread!

Elephunk said...

Imagine Studio has been in my favorites almost since I joined Etsy! I love her world. It's so magical!

Cartoonie said...

Wow,those look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Imagine Studio is a favorite shop of mine! Love her work!