Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Wednesday Heart - Nature is Art Photography

One of my favourite photography books that I have at home is one featuring winners of the Wildlife Photography Awards. I'm not sure if Greg Ledermann of Nature is Art Photography has ever won such an award, but if he hasn't I'm willing to go out on a limb and say he certainly should!

Take for example this first picture of a hummingbird in mid-flight:

Technically amazing! The capture is perfect, no blurring of the wings at all. And the colours are so crisp and sharp. If I was to be a nit-picker, I might say that the flower distracts a little and maybe a slight crop would be good, but then the green spaces may be a little overwhelming. All in all, good choices, good technique and an excellent shot!

Harping back to my snow theme from my last Wednesday Heart, I love this shot of a red fox standing in the falling snow:

I love the soft blur of the falling snow, the beautiful colour contrasts between the red fox fur, the dark forest greens and the snow white and the excellent composition. Awesome.

Picking my third feature image was really, really hard! A cute little bobcat kitten almost won my heart, but this print of a wolf sitting on a floor of autumn leaves was just really too good to go past:

Again, the composition and colour are excellent. I also love the personality this shot has. The wolf almost seems to be smiling. It's both cute AND extremely well done.

Seriously, I loved almost every image in this shop. If he made a book, I would seriously consider getting it (*hint, hint* ^_^) Nature is Art Photography, you ARE my Wednesday Heart!

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laruefashions said...

Awesome photography! An artist indeed. Thank you for showing me this, it made my day.